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My Current Netflix Addiction: Gossip Girl


Ever since I finished Friday Night Lights on Netflix, my daily routine just wasn’t the same. I needed another Netflix obsession. It wasn’t long until I found Gossip Girl. I know what you’re thinking, that show ended years ago. But, that’s the beauty of Netflix. If you didn’t watch Gossip Girl while it was on TV, here a few reasons why I can’t stop watching it right now (and why you should start):

1. The plot: Gossip Girl isn’t just dramatic ups and downs. Even though I’ll admit, I’m not sure if the things that happen in the show even happen in real life, I love how the characters react to the crazy twists and turns. All of the characters are vengeful, but best friends at the same time, which makes for an interesting storyline. 

2. The fashion: I’ve never seen clothes so perfectly styled as the ones I’ve seen on Gossip Girl. The jewelry, the accessories, the coats; all of the clothes are outrageous. I think that this was a really important part of what made the show popular when it was on TV, but it’s just as key now watching reruns on Netflix.

3. The New York City setting: going to school in NYC is full of opportunity and adventure on its own, but watching this show has shown me a whole different side of the city. I love that it was filmed here and I love that the characters are seen at real places. Now when I walk by The Palace hotel it’s more than just another hotel. The Met steps take on a whole new meaning. I can’t tell you how many restaurants I’m dying to try after watching Serena and Blair scheme over brunch. 

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