The Month Leading Up To Spring Break: As Told In Olympic GIFs

It's official, spring break is just one month away. With just 30 short days to get ourselves through midterms and papers and onto the beach, stress is at an all-time high. Once midterms are over, there will only be a few weeks left until our 12-day break. Basically what I'm getting at here is that this month is going to fly by. Here's just a sneak peek of what the next month is going to look like for many of us. 

When you realize spring break is just a month away: 

When a friend is complaining that their 'bikini body' isn't ready yet: 

But then a bathing suit you've had your eye on goes on sale: 

Seeing all of the work you have due before break piling up: 

When you're trying to eat clean, but it's not going so well: 

When all of your stuff fits in your carry-on no problem: 

Finally when you and your friends are off to have an amazing spring break: