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Name: Maddie Wright

School & Year: FCRH’ 17

Major/Minor: Biology/Sociology

1. What will you miss most about Fordham? My friends!

2. Campus Involvement: Women’s Club Squash, Rose Hill Society, and I volunteer with the Bronx Community Health Leaders at Montefiore Medical Center

3. Favorite college memory: Winning intramural soccer! We won spring of my sopohmore year and we won in penalty kicks. It was a big deal because we lost the semester before in penalty kicks. But outside of Fordham, definintely my medical mission trip to Peru.

4. Tell us about your trip! I went with PAMS, Peruvian American Medical Society, which is run by a doctor in Dallas. We went to a clinic in a small town called Yantalo. Most of the patients were children so we performed surgeries on children with cleft palets and cleft lips. I got to scrub in on surgeries, which was really cool. It was also a primary care clinic for people who weren’t feeling good. A lot of people had parasites from the water they drink, so that’s where they would get their medicine. We also donated bikes to children in Peru, under the condition they stayed in school. The hardest thing about being there was not being able to speak Spanish, so during my gap year I definitely want to learn the language. We also did excursions in Moyobamba, and we hiked Machu Picchu! And then we went into town where they had a parade and everyone was dressed up, dancing in the streets. 

5. Favorite character on Grey’s? It’s hard to choose because they’re all kind of awful at times. But I would say….well obviously McDreamy, but he’s dead, he was perfect. So, probably Jackson.

6. What made you want to become a doctor? I’ve known since I was little that I wanted to be a doctor, and my mom is my biggest inspiration. She was a nurse before she went to medical school and she did her last year of medical school while she was pregnant with me. I was born a few days before her graduation.

7. Favorite thing about Texas & New York:

NYC: The food. There’s such a wide variety of food in New York. And I like seeing all of the dogs in the streets. 

Texas: My favorite thing is that my family is there…and the food…and my dogs. 

8. What are your plans for after graduation? To go back to Texas. I want to be a scribe in the emergency room. They type up the interaction between the doctor and the patient because emergency room doctors don’t have time to type up their own notes. And then I’ll be applying to medical school. So after a year of being a scribe, I’ll go to medical school in Texas. And I plan to have a dog. 

I don’t know what kind of doctor I want to be yet. It’s a hard question for people to answer because you don’t really know until you experience all of it. But I want to do something that involves interacting with patients, I know that.


Natalie is a senior at Fordham University where she is a Communications major, concentrating in Journalism. She's previously been a Public Relations Intern at Rent the Runway, a Features Editor at Seventeen Magazine, and an Editorial Intern at Dance Spirit Magazine. This semester, she has the opportunity to combine both of her passions, dance and journalism, as a Press Intern at the New York City Ballet. She continues to take class at the infamous, Broadway Dance Center as she hopes to enjoy her senior year to the fullest.
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