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Lianna Scott, GSB ’17


Name: Lianna Scott

Single or Taken: Taken (by pizza)

Major: Accounting
What do I look for in a significant other: someone who is funny, likes to be a little sassy at times but is also very caring and compassionate.
Why did I pick Fordham: I love being in New York City and I loved the campus when I visited.
What is one thing I don’t understand about the opposite sex: why they like to wrestle with each other to get energy out
What is my hidden talent: I’ve been a dancer since I was five years old, so I guess you could say my hidden talent is I can do a triple pirouette.
Do I prefer to make the first move: Not usually, I would rather they make the first move.
Describe my ideal date: Wafels and Dinges in Central Park
What is my top choice for karaoke: Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony
Who is my celebrity crush: Luke Bryan
Super Power: flying (so I could go home to Arizona more often!)
Life motto: ‘Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream – Taylor Swift
Olivia is a junior at Fordham University. She is a Communications major from bright and sunny Southern California, but the East Coast is her second home. She actually does love long walks on the beach, but she also loves being a friend, sister, daughter, and aunt. Most importantly, she hopes her articles make you feel happy.
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