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Kevin Anderson, GSB ’17

 Name: Kevin Anderson a.k.a. “Sunshine”

Single or Taken: Single

Major: Business Finance

Why did you decide to come to Fordham? [Fordham] offered me a full scholarship for football so it was something I personally couldn’t turn down.

What is your favorite spot to hang out on campus? Either the caf or the locker room.

What activities on campus are you involved in besides being a quarterback for football? I’m involved with the leadership 360 academy as well. It’s a special academy only for athletes who have been nominated by their coaches. The academy trains us to be even better leaders.

What talents do you think you bring to Fordham Football? Why do you see yourself as an asset? I believe I’m a leader and a playmaker. I think that in the next couple of years I will help make a lot of big plays.

Do you think that being an athlete helps you out in the romance department? Yes! Being an athlete means you’re constantly in shape which is a definite plus. Also I think making big plays under the lights is a big plus for the ladies.

What do you look for in a significant other? I like girls that are different and stand out. I’m not a big fan of loud girls who are super social. I’m more attracted to the girls that you have to really talk to and to know to figure them out instead of just looking at their Instagram.

Do you prefer to make the first move or have her come to you? Unfortunately, I rarely have the courage to approach a random girl. It’s usually a process and I’d have to cross paths with her or see her a couple of times before I reach out to her.

What is your idea of the ideal date? It really depends on the girl and the type of relationship, but the best first date I’ve ever had was sitting outside and eating lunch at a restaurant overlooking the beach. It was simple and having actual face to face time over lunch is the easiest way to see if you really connect with a girl. Also, don’t order spinach dip.

What is one thing you don’t understand about the opposite sex? Why women are so emotional and are constantly fighting their emotions.

What is your hidden talent or something people would be surprised to learn about you? I’m Italian and I have over 100 cousins.

Who is your celebrity crush? Jessica Alba.

What is your life motto? God has a plan.


So there you have it ladies. This ray of Sunshine is sure to be the future of Fordham Football so look out for him under the lights!

My name is Denisse Garcia and I am a 21-year-old senior at Fordham University. I'm taking on a major in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and secondary concentration in Communications & Media Management. I am a HUGE sports fanatic and love nothing more than the hype of game day. My greatest aspiration in life is to be the CEO or CMO of a major Fortune 500 company or a sports organization :)
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