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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump on Tuesday, giving in to mounting pressure from Democrats. 

The investigation focuses partly on whether or not Trump abused his presidential powers and sought help from a foreign government to undermine Democratic foe Joe Biden and help his own reelection. Pelosi said such actions would mark a “betrayal of his oath of office” and declared, “No one is above the law.”

It came out last week that a US intelligence official filed a complaint about multiple issues involving Trump – including that he allegedly pressured Ukraine’s president. In July, Trump had a phone call with then-newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

No big deal, it’s normal for presidents to talk, right?

Well, yes. Except, Trump talked to Zelenskiy about having the country investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son for corruption. The convo happened while Ukraine was waiting for millions in military aid, something that was eventually provided after the call. 

This has left many to wonder if there was a “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” kind of deal made to get a foreign country to help get dirt on a political rival. Trump admits that he held the aid as a negotiating tactic, but says the tactic was to get European countries to help pay up.

Meeting with world leaders at the United Nations, the President came to his own defense in an all-caps tweet: “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!”

(What else were you expecting?)

The impeachment inquiry, after months of investigations by House Democrats of the Trump administration, sets up the party’s most direct and consequential confrontation with the president thus far. 

But many are asking what has changed? Why is Pelosi so certain on seeking Trump’s impeachment, when she was hesitant following the Mueller investigation only a few months ago?

The Mueller investigation was seen by some as partisan values and chasing things that happened before Trump was elected. Basically, Pelosi didn’t think she had enough support to launch impeachment proceedings. But, she has vocalized that this situation with Ukraine is a “betrayal of his oath of office” and a “violation of the law.” So instead of it being a Democrat v Republican issue, it is now a “constitutional crisis.”

Does this overwhelming push mean Trump is guilty? Not necessarily. However, Dems are not willing to sacrifice another four years in office just for another news headline. This impeachment will surely transform the US into an even more deeply divided nation, especially with an election season on the horizon.

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