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I Went To Coachella!

Every year the Spring Weekend concert put on by CAB feels like Fordham’s very own mini music festival, and it’s always made me wonder what it’s like to go to a real music festival. This year I decided to carpe diem and go to Coachella. My friend and I booked our flights and hotels last minute, and we almost didn’t get tickets (talk about YOLO). I never thought it would’ve happened but it was worth every penny. I stood in the hot desert sun and watched some of my favorite artists perform. I saw countless celebrities—did you know Jared Leto doesn’t sweat, not even in the desert? I found that out at Coachella. I definitely plan on going again next year. If you need any convincing as to why you should go at some point in your twenties too, here are a few of my favorite photos from my weekend at Coachella:

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