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How to Get into Halloween Spirit for the Best Halloween

Trying to get yourself in the Halloween spirit but just can’t seem to do so?

Whether you’re a lover of Halloween or someone who’s attempting to get through the holiday, here are ways that you can fully enjoy the season and all its festivities:


Watching Halloween movies is an easy way to feel more in the holiday mood. They don’t necessarily have to be horror, especially if you’re not a fan of them (definitely me included). These movies can be Halloween classics that you’ve enjoyed since childhood.

What happens if you’re not the biggest fan of Halloween movies? You can watch Halloween episodes of your favorite shows instead. Whether it’s a movie or tv episode, sit down and have fun by watching them with your friends.

BAKe treats

Who doesn’t like baking? Bake cupcakes, cookies, brownies (whatever your favorite dessert is) with Halloween-related figures like mummies and ghosts, to eat and enjoy.

Another option if you’re not the best baker is to get premade Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies from your local grocery store. These sugar cookies are a classic sweet treat and perfect to eat while doing other seasonal activities.


During the Halloween season, numerous places decorate and set out specific activities for the holiday. The New York Botanical Gardens hosts a Scarecrows and Pumpkins Takeover where you can walk through the gardens and see an array of pumpkins and scarecrows. Find a local spot near you for a fun, seasonal outing to do with your friends.


Put together a costume for Halloween! By planning your outfit and dressing up, you’ll find yourself more in the Halloween spirit. There are endless last-minute costumes that you can wear individually or with a group, so start looking now as you’re never too old to dress up for Halloween.


A simple but staple Halloween activity. Get pumpkins to carve with your friends and while you’re at it you can also turn on a playlist with Halloween-themed music from a streaming station like Spotify.

Halloween is a kickoff to the holiday season so get in the spirit and have fun while trying out these ideas!

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