How to Stay Office Chic in the Heat

If you have been in New York lately, I am sure you have noticed it has been hot with a capital H. Now, it’s September, classes have started and so have internships. So what do you wear when it's hot as hell outside?  Her Campus Fordham has got tips to beat the heat while you try to heat up your career!

Layers are your friend in the cold and the heat

Wear a cute tank top or sleeveless blouse, but put a blazer over it. You can take the blazer off when you’re on the subway and put it on right before you go into your building.


Fancy T Shirts

Now I am not talking your best tie dye, but many stores now make tops that look nice enough to be blouses and are made of much lighter and more breathable fabrics.


Show off those calves  

Embrace the power skirt or dress. There is a lot of cute ways to make these girly items a better fit for the office. You can throw a blazer over a simple cotton dress, or wear a short sleeve top with a business chic skirt.

Stay Cool, Collegiettes! 

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