How to Look Good While Wearing a Face Mask

During the time of COVID-19, everyone needs to wear a mask when they go outside of their house. Most people know all too well that once they put on a mask after meticulously picking out an outfit, more often than not, the mask ruins the outfit in its entirety. However, do not fret, as with these simple tricks, you can blend your mask into your outfit so seamlessly it will look as though the mask was meant to be a part of the ensemble all along. 

In order to have a mask look good with an outfit, you do not need to buy 100 patterned and different colored masks. When in doubt, go with a black face covering. This neutral color draws less attention to the mask than the outfit, and the color black also goes with everything. A black mask also draws more attention to your visible facial features, which is why it is crucial to have slightly more dramatic eye makeup. Although a black mask is a must-have for most professional environments, other masks such as patterned masks are just as handy to have. 

When going for a daring look with a vibrant or patterned mask, here are some tips to help have your face covering blend with your outfit. If you feel overwhelmed trying to match a mask to an outfit, try to match the outfit to the mask. It is much easier to match your outfit to your mask, as you have more outfits to choose from than masks. It is also essential to match the colors in your mask with your outfit. You can do this by matching the different hues of one color tone or matching the mask with complementary colors. Another way to pair a vibrant and patterned mask with an outfit is by having the mask be the ensemble's focal point and dressing in neutral tones. 

If you are guilty of having more printed masks than you know what to do with, you can also mix and match prints as long as they have the same tones and hues; this is crucial as the prints have to blend together to make the outfit look complete. However, if you do not like matching different prints, you can always match a printed mask with an outfit that has the same pattern. This way, it looks as though the mask was made for that outfit and that outfit only.

With masks covering over half of your face, many people miss the way a bold lipstick could make you feel unstoppable. Although this is not a perfect answer to your prayers, a bold lip can still be executed even with a mask thanks to lipstick printed masks. These masks give you the confidence that you had when you would walk around with a bold lip, and it helps tie any outfit together.

Although it is crucial to have your mask look stellar with the outfit you are wearing, there is one overarching issue that many people have. The issue is having your ever so cute glasses or sunglasses fog up as a result of you breathing into your mask. If your glasses are fogging up while you are wearing a mask, this can mean one of two things. Number one, you are breathing up into your mask instead of down. This is easily fixable by washing your glasses, getting anti-fog spray to coat your glasses in, or making sure that your mask is above where your glasses rest on your nose. However, the second reason behind your foggy glasses is because your mask is not fitting you well. If this is the case, it is important to buy a smaller mask, as the bridge of your nose and chin should be adequately covered. 

As people are now using masks as statement pieces, you can make any outfit look good with a mask, as long as you follow these simple rules regarding how you pair your mask with your outfit. However, it is important to note that with every cute outfit and mask combo, all masks should fit well, and should be washed or thrown away after each use to stop the spreading of germs and keep your skin healthy. After all, it is just as essential to protect yourself, as well as those around you.