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How to Layer for Winter Without Looking Frumpy

When winter comes barreling in with freezing cold temperatures, it is only natural to want to wear every single article of clothing you own once you get the nerve to step outside. However, with a ton of layering comes the possibility of looking frumpy and sloppy. Layering for the harsh winter months while maintaining style requires finesse, but once done right, you will stay warm and still be the fashionista you are! Read these tips below to survive the long, cold winter months without forfeiting your style.    

Tip 1: Warm, Cute, and Cozy Accessories

Even the simplest articles of clothing can make a huge difference. Before stepping out into the frigid air, don’t forget the basics. Throw on thick socks to keep your toes toasty and gloves to protect your fingers from falling off! I recommend the gloves with the sensors on the fingertips so you can still use your phone without having the chill nip at your hands. To save your ears from the harsh wind, put on a comfy hat. The ones with the pom-poms on the top are seriously trending right now and I’m obsessed! Lastly, wrap a scarf around your neck that you can easily bundle your face into if the wind is unbearable.

Tip 2: Layer Thinnest to Thickest

The key is to not look over-layered and chunky. To do this, it is important to wear your thinnest clothes on the bottom and layer your thicker ones on top. For example, wear a thin turtleneck under a loose sweater. Not only does this make you look less chunky, it’s perfect for when you go back inside. If you get too hot, you can easily take off your sweater and still have a cute turtleneck on underneath.

Tip 3: Recycle Other Seasonal Clothing

Our clothes are categorized into seasons. However, we should not get trapped into believing that we can only wear certain articles of clothing in one specific season. Warm seasoned clothes are perfect for layering in winter because they’re much thinner. Throw on that thin summer sweater and add a thick fur vest. As long as the spring/summer clothes you are layering with aren’t pastel colors, then they can easily be disguised as cold weather clothes!

Tip 4: Cinch the Waist

Belts are the perfect addition to an outfit if you want to define your waist. During the cold winter months when you are adding extra layers, it’s very easy to look like The Abominable Snowman. However, with the help of a cute belt, either thin or thick, (depending on what looks best with your outfit), you can keep your waist looking defined and not boxy.

Tip 5: Top it Off!

During the winter months, no one ever really steps outside without wearing a coat. Since a coat will cover your cute outfit, look for one that will keep the cold air out and still make you look as stylish as ever. An insulated bomber jacket is perfect because you can make a statement while staying warm, without covering up too much of your outfit. 

Caroline is a Fordham College at Lincoln Center junior majoring in Journalism with a minor in Film & Television. She is obsessed with all things celebrity gossip and reality television. In her free time she loves spending money that she doesn't have and drinking copious amounts of coffee. 
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