How to Get Perfect Beachy Hair

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I have a finicky relationship with my hair. It's curly, dark, and fine and sorta just sits there when nothing is done to it. My blowouts got exponentially better when I first introduced BedHead's Queen for a Day thickening spray, so when we were sent another round of BedHead products, I was pumped. This time, we went sent two products that promised perfectly beachy hair: Beach Freak, a detangling spray, and Beach Me, a wave defining mist. No heat necessary with this two, just a quick spritz of each through damp hair and done.

Normally, when I try to go for beachy hair, I let my hair air dry and then touch up with a curling iron to define the waves around the front of my face. The result is good enough, but my natural curls always hold longer than the ones I fix. The whole thing gets frizzy in a couple of hours and the extra heat to my hair is definitely not a plus. But these two little sprays go are super easy, smell really good, and require no more damaging tools to my delicate strands. They give my natural texture a boost, without getting crunchy, and hold for hours. I am so excited to add these two new sprays to my summer beauty routine, no ebach necessary!