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This Hot Yoga Can Improve Your Health

Although this may be an unpopular opinion, I tried SoulCycle and didn’t like it — at all. I’m a really active person, especially when it comes to running and cycling, however the stress and intensity some claim to be motivational, only left me feeling increasingly worn out. Even though I love the community aspect of group workout classes, I was feeling ready to give up on them, until I found Yoga to the People

Yoga to the People is a primarily donation-based business with yoga studios spread out over the country, 5 of which are located in Manhattan. Their suggested donation is $10 per class, but the highest amount they charge is only $8 for a hot yoga session and $2 to rent a mat. I love Yoga to the People not only because their classes are insanely affordable, but because their mission takes yoga back to the basics, starting with breath. Yoga to the People takes the expectations and pressure out of the group workout setting. Obviously, their goal is to maintain a business, but they prioritize the practice and creation of an ordinary space to partake in carefree yoga. 

I’ve always been a fan of the practice, but it’s only recently that I’ve explored hot yoga. I was admittedly anxious about the heat at first, and I will argue that it’s definitely not for everyone. However, I’ve noticed significant benefits to my mental and physical health as a result. Hot yoga is low impact, highly cleansing, meditative, and strengthens nearly every part of the body. I find myself looking forward to every class and always leave feeling so refreshed, especially after a stressful week. So if you’re similar to me and are looking for a relaxing and inexpensive way to improve your mental and physical health, give Yoga to the People a shot! Check them out here: https://yogatothepeople.com.

Oh, and a few reminders before you go! It’s really important to start hydrating at least 24 hours before you plan on going because you will leave drenched in sweat. There’s no need to register online, but it’s important to get to your location with time to spare before the class starts so you have ample time to check-in. Also, make sure you bring some cash, because they don’t take card!

Hey everyone! My name is Lucy Peterson and I’m a senior studying English & Anthropology at Fordham University. I'm so excited to serve as the Co-Campus Correspondent alongside Grace Buczak.
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