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#HCFUHalloween Contest Finalists and Winner

HC Fordham wants to give a huge thank you to those who entered our 2015 #HCFUHalloween Costume Contest! We loved the creativity put into your costumes so much, that it was incredibly tough to pick the finalists and winner. Every year, you all blow us away on Instagram and this year is no exception. That said, here are our five finalists and our winner (at the end!), who will receive our grand prize, the MZ Wallace Chelsea Tote!


In no particular order, here are our finalists…


@Zoerob10 and her friends as M&M’s. They all exactly match from their bows to their toes. Literally, this is so sweet.



@Babygotmacc as Cleopatra. She slays as Cleopatra. That headdress makes it. 


@briannawoodward as a financial model. Almost too real. You can laugh, Gabelli kids. 


@Alexpayton728 and her friend as American Girl Doll. Many of us loved the American Girl Dolls and these girls were real life Molly and Samantha. 


@Christinadambro as North West. North West is fabulous and so is this costume. From the kitty ears to the Yeezus jacket to the tutu, the whole thing is so accurate. The only difference is probably the height and having not Kanye and Kim as parents, of course.



And our winner…


@Lindamule13 as Cruella de Vil! Her and her friends brought 101 Dalmations to reality. She looks fabulously devilish as Cruella and the dalmatians (sooooo cute) only compliment her look. Congrats, Linda! 

Thanks to all who entered our contest. We can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for next year’s! Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all updates on our contests.

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