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Have a Happy Thin-Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year again, where we all love to indulge in the yummy food of the holidays. Most of us stress about what to eat and if we’re going to feel badly about it after. But it’s holidays- so why not overindulge? Well girls, I’ve got the answer. Instead of feeling guilty right after you’ve filled your stomach, and nit-picking away at what not to eat, there are plenty of tips towards choosing a better meal that will satisfy. No, you don’t have to avoid the mashed potatoes and gravy in exchange for an overload of vegetables; you can have a happy and thin-Thanksgiving by simply being smart about your pickings!

Here are some good tricks:

1. Don’t take too much. The number one thing to realize is that you need to eat proportionally. It’s okay to get a serving of each but watch your portion size. Remember that it takes longer for you to feel full.

2. Eat mindfully! Chew your food and concentrate on the flavors. Don’t gobble everything up as fast as you can! Thanksgiving comes around once a year, so enjoy the food and eat it slowly.
3. Drink a glass of water before you eat. If you enjoy a drink or two during dinner, less is more. Alcohol tends to dehydrate your body, so have water handy.

4. Take a break before dessert! It might be a nice time to take a walk with your family and enjoy the beautiful fall scenery.
5. Be aware of your food choices in the following days. Watch idle snacking on leftover turkey and pie.

6. Get off the couch and move around! Eating a big meal, especially turkey, makes you feel lazy and tired.
7. If you decide to go out with your friends over break, make healthy choices. If you decide to have a drink, don’t go crazy and make sure you stay away from the fast food restaurants!

What your tips for having a healthy holiday?

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