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Guide To: Sending Home Your Winter Clothes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

Between registering for classes, housing selection, and oncoming finals, who has time to think about clearing out their closet for Spring? Don’t worry, we’ve created a guide to sending home your Winter clothes so you refreshing your wardrobe is a breeze.

1. Coats – winter coats should be the first thing to go. As long as you have a nice, waterproof jacket to wear on rainy days, your big, puffy ski jacket can get sent home. You probably won’t need your peacoat anymore either, so send that along too. If you have a like canvas coat or jean jacket, keep that around for Spring. 

2. Sweaters – you’re going to feel like your drawers are so much lighter once you send home the sweaters. Anything thing or cable-knit should go. Turtlenecks? Gone. Any light sweaters can stay for those days that you don’t want to wear a coat but don’t want to be shivering in the chilly breeze. The best sweaters to keep around are light cardigans that you can throw over a t-shirt in the morning, but take off by the afternoon. 

3. Shoes – send your riding boots and lazy-day Uggs home. Sneakers, boat shoes and sandals are all you’ll need in Spring. I suggest keeping a pair of ankle booties (but just one pair!), because they’re pretty versatile. It’s more dressy than a sneaker but not quite a boot, and hey, we aren’t always prepared for open-toe season. Also, you won’t be needing those clunky Winter wedges that are horrible to walk in anymore, so get rid of them and make room for espadrille wedges.

4. Accessories – I know it’s hard, but send the fuzzy scarves and knit beanies home. You need to make room for sunglasses, light scarves, and jewelry. 

5. Shirts – don’t go breaking out your tank tops yet. You can send a good chunk of your long-sleeve shirts home but don’t be too quick to give them all up. Spring is a great time to wear long-sleeve and go jacket-less, so keep three or four of your favorites at school.

6. Pants – keep a pair of dark wash jeans. Every girl should have a pair on hand no matter what season. But you only need one, so send home your other two to three pairs, and send home your dark colored jeans with them too.

Other things to keep: (1) Fordham sweatshirt, (3) pairs of leggings, (5) pairs of socks