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Go Back in Time With 8 Costume Ideas for Senior Night

The next senior night, 100 Nights: Time Traveler’s Ball is right around the corner at Fordham. It’s a great night to have fun with your friends and dress up. However, this theme requires some background knowledge on clothing and fashion throughout the decades. If you’re still struggling to find that perfect costume, look no further and read up on some of the greatest fashion trends of all time: 

1) The Flapper (1920s)

The roaring twenties is the decade of the flappers. Dresses were loose fitting slipovers, often covered in beads or beaded fringe. Most flapper dresses were sleeveless and many women wore long, elegant gloves up their arms. Black, sheer or fishnet stockings are also important to wear with your flapper costume.

2) Long Evening Gowns (1930s)

Silky, clingy fabrics were used to create an elegant, glamorous look. Popular fabrics included silk, satin and metallic. Evening gowns were fitted to the waist and nearly touched the floor, often having small trains in the back. The backless gown is a well-known staple of the 1930s evening wear. As seen on the runaway by Old Hollywood stars of the Golden Years and current celebrities today, it’s a style that is a classic favorite in any decade.

3) Pin-up Dresses, Shoulder Pads & Tall Hats (1940s)

Forties fashion was about creating a certain silhouette. Wide padded shoulders and fitted pin-up dresses that came down to the knee were particularly in style. The shape of the clothing in the forties emphasized the hour-glass figure with broad shoulders, tiny waists and full hips. Hats were also a major fashion statement and were often accessorized with feathers or bows.

4) Full Poodle Skirts & Cat-eye Sunglasses (1950s)

The 50s’ were all about dressing feminine and flirty. Voluminous skirts (the iconic poodle skirt) were worn with fitted collared shirts and ballet flats. Accessorizing was huge, especially with gloves, chiffon scarves and cat-eye sunglasses. Everyone wanted to achieve that “cool girl” look.

5) The Jackie O’ style / Mod Look (1960s)

Compared to the fashion of the 1950s, Jackie Kennedy’s 1960s couture style was easier to imitate at affordable prices. Jackie’s look was minimal, modern, yet very sophisticated. She successfully popularized pillbox hats and headscarves, and many women copied her style with great enthusiasm. The 60s’ style originated from the streets of London, England, where Mod fashion was born. Mod stands for modern, which perfectly represented the innovative, creative and bold style that set off a fashion revolution.

6) The Hippie (1970s)

Flares, tie-dies, fringe and fun, psychedelic patterned clothing dominated the 70s’. The maxi-dress was born and so were bell-bottoms, which were form-fitting pants with large flares at the bottom. The free-flowing hippie fashion of the 70s’ reflected the youth culture’s response to the more conservative values of the 50s’ and 60s’. Defined by their carefree and laid-back attitude, hippies adopted a more eclectic, leisurely style that symbolized peace, love and equality for all. 

7) Oversized Tops, Neon Accents & Legwarmers (1980s)

The 80s’ were all about being daring and taking risks. Loose off-the-shoulder tops, spandex and legwarmers were seen everywhere. Bright colored accessories like sunglasses, headbands, scrunchies, bangles and big hoop earrings were all major necessities. Teased hair, loud makeup and neon colors were also an important part of this style. The brighter and bolder you dressed, the better.  

8) The Grunge Look (1990s)

Grunge was a music style popularized by bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden in the 1990s. It was also a fashion style that consisted of flannels, band t-shirts, crop tops, beanies, and combat boots. Wearing denim on denim was also a thing back then, and so were overalls. Baggy, ripped or patched jeans were most popular at the time. Fitted was out, and sloppy was in. Much of the fashion from the 90s’ remains prevalent today.

No matter what decade you decide on, you’ll be sure to look classy and stylish. Although some fashions may fade, style is eternal..and a classic look never goes out of style. 

Katherine Falzon (aka Kat) is a senior at Fordham University. Her major is Communication and Media Studies with a concentration in Journalism. A Jersey girl at heart, she spends her summers down the shore and enjoys playing the guitar, running, and writing for pleasure. Katherine hopes to someday make her passion of writing a full-time career. Curious to find out more about Katherine? Follow her on Instagram @kat_falzon
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