Getting To Know Your Roomate

Getting to know your Freshman year roommate can be tricky and a little bit scary, if we’re being honest here. This is probably the first time you’re living with someone you barely know and on top of that, you’re traversing the difficulties of your first month at college. So how do you cope? How do you respect your roommate’s space while also getting to know them on a deeper level instead of just the girl you see have a breakdown over an exam every so often? Let me tell you!

Your roommate is just as nervous as you are. She’s also living with someone that is basically a stranger. One way that I got to know my roommate better was by answering some basic, get-to-know-you questions. My roommate, who I still live with to this day, is very fond of the questions on this link. Even though these questions are technically meant for two people on a date, they also work perfectly for roommates or really anyone you want to get to know better! 

Your other options could include planning nights to spend time together! You could stay in and watch a movie or one episode of each of your favorite shows. You could go out and try some new food together to see if either of you like it. The goal isn’t to have a seamless day, the goal is to create inside jokes and to learn more about each other. Especially when you both realize that eating street food isn’t something either of you particularly likes!

Getting to know your roommate is awkward and weird and can be a little hard. As long as both of you put in the effort to open up and let your roommate learn more about who you are as a person, I’m sure that soon enough you two will know more about each other than anyone else. To be honest, you’re probably one of the only people who will see her cry at 3 AM over a paper, so I hope you’re ready with some ice cream and your roommate’s favorite show to cheer her up!