Getting Involved in the Bronx Community

Past data shows that Fordham students commit over 1 million hours of service every year, many of those hours focused within the Bronx community. Clearly, it is instilled in Jesuit values to serve others. As the saying goes, Fordham breeds "men and women for others." So, if you’re looking to follow in your peers’ footsteps and get involved in the Bronx community or learn more about your neighbors, perhaps one of the following options may interest you!

  1. This service home, located on Webster Ave., offers a wide variety of services to marginalized and underprivileged communities. Some of these include providing hot meals, hygienic products, and just a safe place for those in need. Volunteers can help out in the soup kitchen or tutor local students. The level of commitment is based upon your availability, so you can volunteer weekly or even just for one day!

  2. The Belmont Branch of The New York Public Library, just a quick walk from campus, has been serving the Fordham community since 1981. Services here include both child and adult entertainment, as well as literacy assistance. Fordham students can volunteer to help local students with their homework or aid in English As A Second Language classes for adults. 

  3. As a volunteer with Project Sunshine, a non-profit that provides many programs for families dealing with medical challenges, you will be able to spend time with pediatric patients, as well as their families at Montefiore Hospital. With Project Sunshine you can brighten a patient's day and offer a smiling face of support in such trying times. New members are accepted throughout the year!

  4. As the climate crisis grows and new environmental implications are discovered each day, Million Trees is an organization that pushes NYC inhabitants to increase the urban forest and decrease their carbon footprint. Each planting season, volunteers are asked to assist in activities or events and raise awareness for the cause. 

  5. 5. Educational Services

    Although not a specific establishment, there are various clubs, organizations, and schools that are always in need of volunteer tutors or teaching aids. Fordham clubs include Let’s Get Ready, a free SAT and college prep course for local Bronx students, City Squash, an after-school youth enrichment program, and Peer Health Exchange, which teaches high schoolers a skills-based health curriculum. Aside from these examples, there are various other ways of tutoring-based volunteering!

These options are only a few of the hundreds of opportunities to connect with the Bronx community. Since we're here for 4 years, why not find a way to serve our home?