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Fordham Fashionista: Karen Hill

Karen HillFCRH ‘14
Major: Undeclared

Hometown: D.C. 

Where you’ve seen her: The October issue of Seventeen, alongside her boyfriend Thomas. Thomas was a winner of the magazine’s "Best Boyfriend in America" contest.
Caption: “I just got these Lucky Brand suede wedges at Bloomingdales. They’re my new favorite item of the moment!”

How would you describe your style? "Somedays I feel really colorful, so I put on colorful clothes and feel all bright and cheery. Some days I’m like “ughhh” so I wear neutral,dark colors. Some days I feel sporty so I wear my lulu lemon yoga pants and 5 toe running shoes - even though I don’t work out, I just like feeling sporty! I don’t have a specific style - it’s more a reflection of emotion."

What has influenced your style?
"I pick up on little trends. I try not to be too, too trendy because it’s expensive and you can only wear it for a little while.  So I get what I really like and what I can see myself incorporating throughout the years to come."
Describe a going out outfit.
"I like things that are flashy, with random cut outs or form-fitting. Something that screams “look at me”, because you’re going out!"

What’s your favorite feature to play up?
"My legs - I like to make my legs look as long as possible and wear big heels to make me look taller than I already am!"

Is there one outfit or accessory you regret?
"In middle school, oh my god, I always wore polo shirts with denim skirts. That was just embarrassing. I have way too many polos, at least a dozen still under my bed. I could’ve been buying more practical things!"

How do you stay stylish on a college budget?
"Sales, coupons, my mom, and Forever 21! But really, sales and coupons are good - Bloomingdales & Lord and Taylor have big coupons, and then at the sale rack it’s an additional 40% off!"

Any advice for Fordham fashionistas?
"Just try and exemplify your own personal style. Don’t try to follow trends too too much because then you just look like everyone else, and who wants to be everyone else?! "

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