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Fall Into Wonderland With CSA

On Friday, March 16, Fordham Lincoln Center’s CSA hosted their annual Spring Carnival event. Each year, the club hosts a large-scale party for all undergraduate students complete with games, raffle prizes, photo booths, and delicious food all set to a specific theme. This year’s theme was Alice and Wonderland and many of the events and decorations played on the tea party theme of the classic story. 

CSA Secretary, Bernadette Menendez, stated, “We’ve been working on this event since December, and it really just started as this idea that we had that we thought would be fun to do as a great way to show our appreciation to the commuter population. It’s just quirky and fun. It’s Alice in Wonderland, and we thought it would be a great event for this spring semester.”

The club served scones and finger sandwiches, in addition to lemonade, coffee, and of course tea. Some of the giveaways they provided to students included tea bags and paper tea cups that they could decorate. The photo booth featured The Mad Hatter’s hat and the Red Queen’s crown as props among other features from the Disney tale. 

FCLC student, Craig Kapaj, stated, “I think the event was very well organized, and I liked the Alice in Wonderland theme. The bowling game was the best.” Other games included pin-the-smile on the Cheshire cat, giant bowling, croquet, and bean bag toss. When students completed games, they were given raffle tickets to win prizes included, tea infusers, tea cup sets, and a gift card to Alice’s Tea Cup

CSA Vice President, Jessica Kar, described the carnival as “the most awesome event of the year.” She further said, “Planning was a lot of fun, especially finding decorations and coordinating prizes. It was great to create such a fun event.” Students enjoyed this wonderful tea party, especially playing all of the exciting games in the hopes of winning one of the tea-riffic prizes. 

“It’s just been really fun trying to make this a great event for everyone involved, especially our commuters that we love so much,” said CSA Secretary Bernadette Menendez. 

Miranda is a commuter junior at Fordham's Lincoln Center campus, where she majors in English and minors in psychology, and is a commuter freshman mentor. Born and raised in New Jersey, she loves everything about the garden state, from the endless highways to the excess of diners. She's an aspiring writer and hopes to have a career as a director for first year experience at a university someday.
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