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Everything You Need To Know About Rent The Runway

RTR’s mission is to provide women with a smarter way to shop by offering them a virtual closet based off this universal truth: we are never satisfied with the clothes and accessories in our closets.

Entrepreneurship is at the core.

RTR was founded in 2009 by two friends from college, Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss and has skyrocketed to a business with almost nine million members and counting to date. With these roots it is no surprise RTR is geared towards career oriented women.

Closet in the cloud.

RTR offers three different ways to rent. RTR Reserve for that big, upcoming event, RTR Update to try out new trends on a monthly basis, and RTR Unlimited for the ultimate style guru to rent ALL the clothes she wants.

Buy less. Wear more.

RTR operates the largest dry cleaner in the world with employees that can resolve any stain or stitch any hem. Plus, RTR is the largest designer fashion rental business in the world with more than 500 designer partners.

You have nothing everything to wear.

Besides a website, RTR has five physical stores including a flagship store in NYC which offers consultations with professional stylists as well as walk-in opportunities.

HQ goals.

The Rent the Runway headquarters in lower Manhattan is exactly where every empowered young woman would want to work. It is sleek and sophisticated yet fun and girly. Just ask any Fashion For Philanthropy member that attended a networking panel at the headquarters earlier this month.

Shop well and shop smart.

Not only is RTR easy on your wallet and closet, but easy on the environment. Renting is the sustainable alternative to fast fashion as 50% of items in the average woman’s closet are worn three times or fewer.

RTR supports college women.

Rent the Runway leads a College Campus Representative program of driven and empowered young women to help spread the mission of RTR on college campuses. In fact, Fordham University has three campus representatives.


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