Everything You Need To Know About MoviePass

Listen up, movie lovers. Awards season is underway, and with so many incredible films out there, it can be hard to see them all on a college budget. Fortunately for us, MoviePass exists. 

What is MoviePass anyway? 

Simply put, MoviePass is your ticket in to any movie you want to see, on any given day. It is a subscription service that costs just $10 a month. When movies are $17 a ticket here in New York City, this is an extremely cost-effective way to see all of this year's biggest films. 

How do I use a MoviePass? 

To use your MoviePass, take the card to any participating theater. You can browse showtimes and participating theaters on the MoviePass app, and approach the ticket counter to purchase your ticket. The 'pass' is a Mastercard, that allows you to swipe and purchase a ticket for no cost. 

What are the limitations? 

Because the service is definitely costing movie theaters money, not all theaters participate.  That being said, there are endless options for theaters to go to here in NYC. The only other limitation is that many do not do E-tickets, so you have to be early in order to guarantee a seat. 

Okay, so where can I get one? 

Simple. Head to MoviePass.com and order your subscription. You will receive the card in a few weeks, and your account will become active.