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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of personally getting to know Doug Hanly, then chances are you’ve seen him around campus, in the cafeteria, or at the gym. From a Global Outreach trip to San Diego, to participating in the United Student Government, to playing for Fordham’s Varsity Men’s soccer team, Doug has done it all. When Doug isn’t busy planning Fordham’s World Cup Soccer tournament, he’s finishing up his last semester at the Gabelli School of Business before he graduates this May. Find out what has made this campus celebrity’s Fordham experience so memorable!

Where are you from? Westborough, Massachusetts

What year are you? Senior

What is your major? Finance

What activities are you involved in? I have been a 4-year member of Fordham’s soccer team.  Although I could no longer play my junior year because of an injury, I became a student manager during my senior year.  I also coach Fordham Prep’s soccer team.  Apart from soccer, I have been a member of the Student Managed Investment Fund, the United Student Government, and Global Outreach.

How did you decide to come to Fordham? Coach Jim McElderry, Fordham’s men’s soccer coach, was one of the main reasons I decided on Fordham.  I also appreciated Fordham’s business school, the beautiful campus, its appropriate size, and proximity to New York City. 

Do you have any tips for students who are trying to balance schoolwork, extracurriculars, and other obligations like internships? Never participate in an activity simply to add it to your resume.  Search for opportunities that are either interesting to you or spark your curiosity.  Make sure to communicate any potential conflicts right away.

What’s your favorite thing about New York? The high energy and endless opportunities.

Do you have a favorite NYC memory? Watching a former teammate, Ryan Meara, play for the New York Red Bulls with the rest of the team.

Do you have a favorite Fordham memory? My favorite Fordham memory was making a Campus Movie Fest film with my roommates last year. 

What’s your favorite class you’ve taken at Fordham? I really enjoyed writing essays for Sociology.  The class helped me view the world in a completely different way. 

Where’s your favorite spot on campus? The new gym.  

If you could give one piece of advice to a Fordham collegiate, what would it be? Explore all of the programs Fordham offers.

What’s your dream job? Working at an endowment’s investment office

What do you think the best part of a Jesuit education is? The emphasis on reflection. It allows me to better understand myself and others around me. 

Who is the most entertaining professor at Fordham? Dr. C. He teaches with loads of energy and enthusiasm.

What’s one thing everyone would be surprised to learn about you? I like to dance!


Pick one!

Bronx Zoo or Botanical Gardens?  Botanical Gardens

Arthur Ave/Fordham Road? Arthur Ave

Cafeteria or Grille? Cafeteria

Conway or Dr. Jay’s? Dr. Jay’s

RamVan or Subway? Subway

Met or MoMA? MoMA

Hot Dog or Bagel? Hot Dog

Broadway or Off-Broadway? Broadway

Radio City or Madison Square Garden? Madison Square Garden

Central Park or Brooklyn Bridge? Central Park

Alyssa is a senior at Fordham University pursuing a major in Communications and Media Studies, and a minor in Spanish. With career goals ranging from digital editor at a major women's magazine, to writing a best selling young adult novel, she has put her skills to the test in many different areas of the communications field.