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Dear Betty: I’m Playing Cinderella

Dear Betty,

My roomate is pretty messy and doesn't really help with any of the room chores. We live in a double, it's a tight space and I'm always the one doing all the cleaning. I'm fine with her being messy I just don't know how to get her to start helping out a little with the cleaning. Any advice?



Dear Cinderella,

Messy roommates are not always the best, but this is a problem that can be fixed. To help give her the hint that you would like her to help you clean up, clean around her. This might make her see the chores you are doing and she will then offer to help. If that does not work then just politely ask her to clean the shared space either with you or create a schedule where you alternate all your chores. As a last resort, you can always inform your RA of the situation and together the three of you can probably sit down and talk about this. 

I hope that helps!

Love, Betty

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