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Dear Betty: I Want to Be More Involved On Campus


Dear Betty,

In the spirit of the new year, my resolution is to join more clubs and be more active on campus.  But since it’s second semester I don’t even know if there’s anything open for me to join.  I really want to get the full Fordham experience, is there any way for me to get more involved this semester?


New Years Blues




Dear New Years Blues,

This is definitely a resolution you can keep!  The best place to start is by talking to your friends who are involved in something.  Attend a few club meetings with them and get a feel for the group to see if you’re interested.  If you’re still not sure what clubs you’re interestred in, check out a club fair or club event and look up the list of clubs on the university website.  Get connected with leaders and organizers on campus and ask them a little bit about what they do.  I guarantee there’s something on campus for you, and every club would be more than happy to gain a new member.  Clubs looks great on resumes and are the best way to explore your interests.  So get out there and get involved.  Make the new year a new adventure!

Glad to help!

Yours truly, Betty 

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