Charlie Shea, FCRH '17


Name: Charlie Shea

School & Year: FCRH '17

Major: Communications with a Minor in Marketing

Tell us about the Chess team: A brotherhood built around the greatest game ever invented.


What do you say to Fr. McShane who called your chess club the least promising club? I would love to see him step on the board against me. I'll even play with the black pieces. Get hyped for our upcoming tournament!

If you could pick 3 celebrities to be your entourage, who would they be? Action Bronson, Barack Obama, and, last but not least, Fordham Alumni Tony Reali.

If you had paparazzi following you everywhere, what would be your signature pose? I've got a decent duck-face.

If you had a song play every time you walked somewhere, what would it be? "Down" by Marian Hill, because I'm pretty sure I would transform into a swaggy dancer who can defy gravity.

What's a pick-up line that always works for you? "Have you read about me on 'Her Campus?'" - Me, 2 weeks from now


If you had to have a drastically different hairstyle, what would you choose? Ginger mullet.

What's your guilty pleasure? Gossip Girl. Discovered it freshman year and never looked back. <3

How many naps per day is too many? 2 naps per day, not exceeding 6 hours in total nap time.

If you had a reality show, what would it be called? "Chucky D is in da House"

Pugsley's or University? Tony and Tina's. End of story. Don't @ me.

What is your favorite thing about Fordham? Really dropped this on me at the end here, huh...I'll put it this way, whenever I have to bum a meal swipe out of someone to have food for the day, I can always find someone who will give me one.

Do you have any advice for your fellow Rams? Live it up in the 4th year that was robbed from me. Can't believe how fast this all went by and when I sit here and think about it, it's really been quite a lovely time. Also, if we ALL stopped paying to get into Howl, they'd have to start letting us all in for free otherwise they'd have no customers. Let's unionize or some shit and get it done cause I'm tired of these $10 covers.