Black Beauty Bosses

The massive world of beauty may seem to have endless options, but darker, deeper skintones have felt completely under-represented for quite some time. Over the last few years, though, the idea of for us, by us, or "F.U.B.U.," has taken the beauty market by storm, giving black-owned beauty brands a platform to create products for people of color. So in celebration of Black History Month, let's take a look at some of the hottest beauty brands on the market at the moment, all founded & currently owned by black boss babes!

  1. 1. Pat McGrath Labs

    Pat McGrath, a British makeup artist at the top of the industry, is considered the "mother of luxury cosmetics" with her billion-dollar, celeb favorite brand. Pre-order her newest concealer line Skin Fetish for unmatched coverage!

  2. One of the most popular beauty brands on the market, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty products have become a cult-favorite. (Still waiting on her latest album, though!)

  3. 3. Unsun

    Unsun Cosmetics, a line of no-residue mineral sunscreen, was founded by Katonya Breaux in 2016 & is dedicated to providing sun-safe skincare for people of color.

  4. 4. Hanahana Beauty

    Abena Boamah started Hanahana Beauty about 4 years ago & works tirelessly to provide women of color with all-natural, hand-crafted shea butter products sourced straight from Ghana. The company is also steeped in major sustainability efforts — how awesome!

  5. KJ Miller & Amanda E. Johnson set out to redefine what exactly "nude" makeup means for women of color. Their (pig)Mented Cosmetics lip & eyeshadow lines are available in a diverse color range, from deep chocolate to soft taupe.

  6. 6. Briogeo

    Briogeo founder & CEO Nancy Twine, inspired by her grandmother's DIY hair mask recipes, launched a haircare line for all types, chok full of antioxidants, healthy oils, & vitamins. Twine is the youngest black woman to launch a line at Sephora — & it has the cutest packaging!