The Best Vegetarian "Tasty" Recipes

Looking for some vegetarian recipes to try out this holiday season? Check these out!

This snowman bread and dip recipe isn’t only adorable, it’s also ridiculously delicious. If you can convince yourself to eat the cutest snowman you’ve ever seen, you’ll reach a delicious onion dip. Now you won’t have to wait around for hours and hours until the main course is brought out at your family holiday party. You have found the perfect appetizer!

Being vegetarian can be hard during the holidays. The rest of your family isn’t really sure what you can and can’t eat, and finding a main course that everyone would actually enjoy is challenging. That problem can be solved with this stuffed butternut squash recipe. This recipe yields 6 servings and you can adjust that to fit your own holiday meal! Stuffed with onions, chickpeas, thyme, and sage, it’s a main course that is sure to please even the pickiest meat-eaters.​​

Snickerdoodle cookies are my idea of the ultimate holiday cookie. They make your whole house smell like Christmas when you’re baking them, and Santa isn’t the only one that deserves some cookies and milk this holiday season! This recipe makes 24 cookies and they’re ready in 12 minutes! They’re the perfect snack to eat while you’re wrapping all of those last-minute presents.

This list wouldn’t be complete without some cranberry sauce. This recipe isn’t what you think though, these are cranberry sauce smoothies! What a perfect way to start your day full of cooking, gift-giving, and family time. I know how much I love cranberry sauce and anytime I can find a new way to consume it, I’ll try it! 

*Image Credits: Buzzfeed's Tasty.