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Best Transition Colors For Your Pre-Spring Mani

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

Even though it’s technically Spring already, the weather hasn’t quite warmed up all the way. While we’re still waiting for no-jacket sunny days to arrive, we’re packing away our dark nail polishes. It’s no longer appropriate to wear dark hues like black, maroon (except for school spirit, of course), or mocha. Still, it’s not time for your bright coral or hot pink polishes either. So what’s a girl to do? Here are two gorgeous transition colors to try. 

Pale Pink – (seen here, Essie’s “luscious lips”)

Pale pink is perfect because it’s not as eye catching as neon or fuchsia, but it’s a great color to lighten up your look. The beauty of pale pink is that it comes in so many hues, so you can try a soft girly pink or a pink with salmon undertones. 

Mauve – (seen here, Essie’s “merino cool”)

It’s not Easter egg purple, but it’s not dark enough to be a Fall neutral either. This shade of purple is perfect for a stand-out manicure that’s not too in-your-face. 

Alyssa is a senior at Fordham University pursuing a major in Communications and Media Studies, and a minor in Spanish. With career goals ranging from digital editor at a major women's magazine, to writing a best selling young adult novel, she has put her skills to the test in many different areas of the communications field.