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Best Healthy (and Tasty!) Halloween Candy Treats to Enjoy

Halloween candy is one of the best parts of Halloween, but what happens if you’re trying to eat a little healthier or striving to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Are there ways to still enjoy the holiday?

Of course, there are. There are treats that are tasty and don’t contain an immense amount of sugar so that you still feel in the Halloween spirit.

Disclaimer: You should eat whatever classic Halloween candy you want (treat yourself! Yes, treat applies in both ways here). A healthy lifestyle involves eating everything in moderation! Focus on having fun during the holiday and not on how much and what candy you’re having. These candy alternatives are just ideas for you to consider if you want to enjoy the candy aspect of Halloween without completely feeling like you’re straying away from your health goals and/or lifestyle.


Fruit snacks are an excellent switch for gummy candies, and many of these snacks contain vitamins. This health benefit allows them to have the same feel as gummy candies without artificial sweeteners. Smart Sweets is one of the gummy snacks available that contain no added sugar while still tasting like your favorite Halloween candy.


Pretzels typically have high sodium content and are made of simple carbs but are a healthier option than packaged snacks due to their low calories and fat.

To make it more seasonal, you can get pretzels that are Halloween-shaped to be in the spirit for the holiday.


With an ample amount of fiber, popcorn makes for a great, satisfying snack. Federal guidelines show how it packs even more fiber per serving than whole-wheat bread. There may still be sugar in the snack depending on its flavoring, however, the high fiber and protein content help make it a more balanced snack.

sugar free or dark chocolate

Sugar-free chocolate that actually tastes good? Yes, it exists. Hershey sells sugar-free chocolate that tastes incredibly similar to its normal chocolate bar offerings. (As a fan of the brand’s wide array of chocolate options, I can’t even tell the difference!).

If you’re not able to get your hands on sugar-free chocolate, opt for dark chocolate. Even though it’s slightly more bitter than milk chocolate, this kind of chocolate is much healthier. It contains antioxidants as well as less sugar than the original milk chocolate.


I couldn’t end this list without an actual classic candy. Smarties are one of the healthiest choices when it comes to Halloween candy, with only 6 grams of added sugar and 0 grams of total fat.

Yes, there is a way to make healthy decisions while still enjoying a timeless candy like Smarties.

Regardless, if you’re going to eat candy you should eat and enjoy what you want! Eating Halloween treats is perfectly healthy in moderation and the most important part is focusing on having fun celebrating the holiday.

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