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Best Dressed for the Cosmos

On Saturday, the Residence Halls Association held their annual Under the Tent dance on Martyrs’ Lawn and this time around, it filled our space-loving needs with the theme Caught in the Cosmos. We saw the tent light up in blue lights and the dance floor was filled with well dressed men and women ready to dance the night away. For the theme, the colors that mainly dominated were black, white, and metallic colors. Some dresses had cool cut-outs and fun silhouettes. Overall, the looks were smooth and sleek. 

For our annual Under the Tent Contest, we were in search of the best dressed entry. Of course, we had to pick the entry we recieved that we thought fit the theme most and @sierrahollenbach, you’re our girl! We couldn’t say no to your star-covered gown and your silver shoes. We hope you’ll like your gift from us at HC Fordham to you! 



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