The Best #BachelorFinale Reactions

This season's explosive finale had Bachelor Nation going absolutely crazy. It came down to two ladies for Nick Viall: Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi. Let's keep in mind that Nick has had plenty of failures experience on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise - so he knows how this whole thing works. He understands firsthand just what it is like to get hurt and be publicly rejected on national television.


Did that make a difference when he slept with Rachel in the Fantasy Suite when he (probably definitely) knew he was going to dump her? Hmm, doesn't look that way. Did that make a difference when he let Raven spill her feelings out right before she thought she was going to get engaged even though he was just about to literally walk her right back out to her car so fast she couldn't get her jacket? LOL, nope.  

There were so many instances that caused a nation-wide freakout over the span of the last few episodes, Twitter was simply on fire. But it was in it's finest form during the finale. Here are some of the best #ATFR and #BachelorFinale reactions: 





Anyone have an under/over on Nick and Vanessa's engagement? I'll give them 6 months, maybe 7 if they buy a get-along-shirt. Best of luck to the happy couple!