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Anthony Tochet, GSB ’13


Name: Anthony Vittorio Tochet
Major: Accounting
Single/Taken: Taken
Why he chose Fordham: There are many reasons why I chose Fordham University.  The first reason is because Fordham University has an excellent business program.  Second, Fordham University allows me to take advantage of the city through programs and internship opportunities.  Third, Fordham University offers a plethora of clubs and organizations to meet every student’s likes and interests. And, saving the best reason for last, I get to stay home and be a proud commuter!
What he looks for in a girl: The big things that really attract my attention are if a girl has a very nice, WHITE smile, pretty eyes, and have an overall super confidence factor.  The girl I find interesting should be able to rock Fordham sweatpants and a hoodie like it’s a Chanel dress off the runway.  After the initial spark has been ignited, I start to put in the factors that will “keep the fire going,” so to speak.   I am a very outgoing and loud person. A girl that I look for has to be at least at the same level of friendliness and loudness.  The next thing, I hope that the girl has an overall genuine personality. To be honest, I think ever guy can agree with me on that one because every guy would rather date a sweet, caring, nice girl than a Big ITCH.  The next thing I love is a girl who knows what I call “The Balance.”   I am extremely busy being a student, programming events, and keeping a job.  The girl should not revolve her life around me or our relationship.  That is just the sign of a stage-five clinger.  The girl I am interested in should be able to show enough care or love towards me and the relationship, as well as do her own thing when I am doing my own thing.  Lastly, I love to laugh!  A girl that I am interested in has to be extremely funny and keep up with my craziness!
Hobbies: At Fordham University, I am the Executive Program Coordinator for the Commuting Students Association; the Executive President of the newly-named Insieme Italian Cultural Association; the Marketing Director for Fordham Nightly News (and everyone’s favorite and lovely weatherman!); on the general assembly for the Campus Activities Board; and an Orientation Captain for New Student Orientation at Rose Hill.
When I actually do have free time, I enjoy drawing, painting, and anything really artsy.  I have albums of work on Facebook as well as deviantart.com.  My dream is to be a Disney animator. I also practice martial arts.  I have experience in Wing Chun, Goju Ryu Karate, and recently Krav Maga. 

Katie is a junior Communication and Media Studies major at Fordham University. Despite going to school in the Bronx, she is a proud Jersey Girl, born and raised in Cedar Grove, NJ. Since the sixth grade, communications has been her passion and main pursuit. She is actively involved in her school's television station and currently anchors the Fordham Nightly News. As a proud Italian-American, she also serves as a National Youth Co-Chair for UNICO, the largest Italian-American service organization in the U.S., and is a two-time scholarship recipient and member of New York Women in Communications. Katie is currently a Digital Media intern at Ralph Lauren. Some of her favorite things are the Jersey Shore (the place, not the TV show), anything chocolate, and the sales racks at Bloomingdales. She is obsessed with Glee, Rob Thomas, and Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic book series. After graduation, Katie plans on pursuing a career in broadcast journalism or public relations.
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