Alex Frank: A True Classic

I had the honor of meeting Alex Frank in my freshman year of high school and then again in my freshman year at Fordham. She is a star academic, graduating early with a double major, and in her spare time she is a leader of Insieme and CSA.

School and Year: FCRH '16

Hometown: Port Chester, NY

Major: Classical Languages and Literature, Art History

What activities are you or have you been involved with on campus?

I am currently the President of Insieme Italian Cultural Society.  I'll be graduating a semester early, which is bittersweet, but am happy to pass the torch to my awesome VP Stephen Pace.  I also served as an officer of the Commuting Students Association for 3 years and I still love going to their events!

Favorite Fordham memory?

This is a tough one. My favorite memory is probably winning tickets to the papal parade. I never thought I would actually get to see Pope Francis in person, and I got to go with my friends! I'll be bragging to my future kids and grandkids about that for a long time.

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you at Fordham?

Last year I strained my shoulder during welcome week.  Luckily a nice (and handsome!) student brought me an icepack.  The icepack was actually a bag of frozen sweet potato fries. And that guy is now my boyfriend of over a year. College is crazy.

What are you most proud of doing at Fordham?

I would have to say I am most proud of encouraging other students to get more involved on campus.  It's the best feeling when friends tell me they are excited about clubs or events I suggested they try out.

Why should people attend Insieme events?

At Insieme events, we are all about sharing traditions, ideas, laughs, and food of course. Being Italian isn't a requirement. Being open to learning about the culture and willing to have fun is.

What is the theme song of your life?

"I'm In A Hurry" by Alabama.  This song plays in the background while I try to power through mountains of homework (which is all the time).

What is your catchphrase?

I've only had *insert large number here* cups of coffee today!?!?i

Pick one:

Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate

*NSYNC or Backstreet Boys: *NSYNC
Dunkin or Starbucks: Dunkin

Any Advice for Fordham collegiettes?

Planning ahead is important.  Keep an organized calendar and don't slack off halfway through the semester. You'll save so much time, which you could spend enjoying school events and exploring off campus with friends.