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6 Halloween Costumes That You’ll Actually Want To Wear This Year

“The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.” -Cady Heron, Mean Girls
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Halloween has arguably become one of my favorite days of the year, and this year’s costume lineup has me far too excited. Whether you’re looking to turn heads or get some good laughs out of people, these costume ideas will make this Halloweekend the best one yet.

1. Kendall Jenner’s Space Cowgirl Look

We know it, we love it. Kendall Jenner sported her bold two-piece purple and white zebra print ‘fit back in March 2020, but we’re still absolutely obsessed with the look. Unfortunately, the official Kendall-approved set is sold out from I.AM.GIA, but here’s a link to a list of some Amazon finds. If zebra print isn’t calling your name, you could always opt for the more traditional space cowgirl look, of course (cue the metallic shorts, neon tanks, feathered cowgirl hats, and white boots). If you’re looking for a bright and fun costume to hit the streets with this Halloween, space cowgirl’s got you covered.

2. One direction, circa 2011

Whether we want to admit it, One Direction stole all of our hearts back in the day, and shamelessly, they still have mine. If you’re like me and still blast 1D when you’re getting ready on a Friday night (see my curated 1D favorites playlist), perhaps this group costume is perfect for you and your squad. Picture Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn on the stage during their Up All Night tour: red polo shirts, navy blazers, red suspenders over a navy and white striped tee, plaid shirts, and skinny khakis. Honestly, this is a super easy and affordable group costume–most of the clothing can be found in your own closet! Just in case you don’t happen to have everything from these iconic outfits, here’s a link to some staples!

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3. literally, “Holy cow”

Sure, I may be biased because this was one of my costumes last year, but rest assured it was very well-received. This is the perfect low-effort costume, but it’s an absolute crowd favorite, of course. I wore a cow print dress with high black boots, but as always, feel free to make it totally your own! Here are some perfect cow print essentials for the Holy Cow costume. The essential parts, though? A halo headband and a pair of white angel wings. Definitely keep a couple of cow-related puns on hand, too.

4. Tinkerbell

I’ve been seeing Tinkerbell costumes all over my TikTok lately and you are guaranteed to be serving in this one. All you’ll need to complete the look is a green sequin dress (here’s an actual Tinkerbell costume, as well), a pair of fairy wings, and a wand. Oh, and you can’t forget the body glitter. Optional: faith, trust, and pixie dust.

5. Mr. Worldwide

You read that right. Mr. 305. Dale. I haven’t met a single soul who dislikes Pitbull, hence why it’s the perfect Halloween costume. Plus, it’s an added bonus if you and your entire group dress up (bald caps included) as Mr. Worldwide himself. This one is for the daring, the unapologetic, and the witty so do it only if you dare. You’ll need a bald cap and the necessary accompanying materials: a white shirt (we can keep it casual with a plain white t-shirt), a black blazer, and a pair of black aviator sunglasses. Add a black tie for some Miami spice, throw on some black leggings or jeans, and ~feel this moment~. Bonus: designate one friend to be the best Pitbull song.

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6. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie from The simple life

The fact that Paris and Nicole’s five-season reality show still has us cackling 14 years after its cancellation really speaks volumes. And the best part? There’s so much outfit inspo to choose from. One of the most iconic looks, though, has to be the DVD cover from the series’ first season. Nicole and Paris mirror American Gothic as they stand together in their less-than-glam get-ups, complete with a pitchfork in Nicole’s hand, and the late, great, Tinkerbell the Chihuahua in Paris’. For Paris’ look, you’ll need a denim corset top, a pleated denim skirt, a rose choker, and a Tinkerbell lookalike. Nicole’s look is just a simple pair of overalls and a pink top, complete with a strand of pearls and a pitchfork (like a fake one, of course). Definitely read up on The Simple Life‘s vernacular to truly get into character, too (i.e., “That’s hot.”)

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Halloweekend is always one of the most memorable weekends of the fall semester, IMO. Keep it stress-free and simple, and most importantly, just have fun! These six costumes are meant to be low-effort (and even a bit last-minute for my fellow procrastinators), so you’re definitely going to feel comfortable AND confident when Halloween finally rolls around.

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