5 Things All Donald Trump Supporters Are Tired Of Hearing

Disclaimer: Content published in support of a particular presidential candidate does not reflect the views of Her Campus Media or Her Campus at Fordham Universtiy. 


So, the New York Primary happened this week.. And honestly I can't even believe what's happening in the race for the nominations. Whether you're a stone cold Republican or Democrat, the elections in 2016 are going to be something that all millennials should be happy to be a part of. No matter who wins the election, it is going to be a time in history that will be studied for generations to come and certainly one that could influence American politics as we know it. As someone who grew up loving politics, the New York Primary was extremely exciting for me.



First, it is important to note that as millennials, we tend to be disenfranchised from the politics of the older generations. For this reason, candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have been thriving during this election cycle. The older generation is not on the same bandwagon because they would rather have someone with more experience and expertise running our government. Millennials have been more inclined to support the big name candidates because they are frustrated with the way government works. So why not elect a candidate that is completely non-conventional?


What people need to realize is that even if you feel discouraged over your candidate choices, it is still REALLY important to vote. Weather you love or hate The Donald, your vote matters. As a millennial who is on the ‘Make America Great Again’ train, I constantly have to argue why I believe he is the best candidate for the job. I am well aware that many people feel differently, which is why it is important for you to get out and vote. There is so much distress in the American government right now.. And millennials have the opportunity to become  the voice of reason in changing our institutions.





Something close and personal to me is supporting the Republican party. It is because of this that I am writing 5 Things All Donald Trump Supporters Are Sick of Hearing. Just figured I'd put the word out.


  1. Trump supporters are uneducated: News flash, contrary to popular opinion not all Trump supporters are uneducated. Surprisingly, most of us can read, and I hear some of us can even write.

  2. Donald Trump's supporters are to the Nazi Party: Guys, this is offensive to many people, not only Trump supporters.  Those making these statements should consider whether they are more interested in political debate or Facebook likes and social media.

  3. Donald Trump has no chance: Actually, he just might have a fighting chance. When he announced his campaign in June, many people (Including myself) were laughing at the idea of Trump for President. Now, T-shirts and hats are being sold that say “Make America Great Again”... It's clearly legit.

  4. The person most surprised by Donald Trump’s success is Donald Trump: Donald Trump has been very successful in business for years; they were making fun of him on SNL before most of us were born.  He is a brand name, an honest-to-God Titan of Industry.   

  5. How can a woman vote for Donald Trump? It’s really very simple.. In fact here's the link; https://www.donaldjtrump.com // http://vote.nyc.ny.us/html/home/home.shtml


No matter who you support for the 2016 Election, everyone should get out and vote in the national election in order to make a difference!! As Trump would say, “We need to make America great again!"