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5 Essential Ways to Beat the Morning Class Slump

Find yourself dreadfully dragging yourself to your 8am class?

Getting the motivation to go to your morning classes can be difficult but there’s a way to attend them feeling ready (yes, it’s possible!).

Here are 5 essential ways for you to happily attend your morning classes:

Get a good night’s sleep

Yes, this may seem obvious but is extremely important. All the times that I’ve been energized in my morning classes have been when I’ve gotten a substantial amount of sleep the night before. Prioritize not going to bed too late! Remind yourself that it’ll pay off when you’re not dozing off in the middle of lecture.


This may seem like another obvious step but one that can be looked over. By picking out your outfit the night before, you’re saving yourself valuable time in the morning. This extra time can be used making your favorite kind of coffee and watching inspirational and fun online content before you head out the door.


Breakfast is important for numerous reasons and getting through your morning classes is one of them. Make yourself your favorite breakfast filled with essential nutrients like protein, fat, and carbohydrates. These three components will ensure that you’re full and energized so that you’re stomach doesn’t growl in class (I think we’ve all been there before). A few quick, yummy breakfast ideas are a protein smoothie, oatmeal, and chia pudding.

prepare for the day ahead

Your outfit isn’t the only thing you should prep (even though it definitely is super important). The night before class, prepare for the day ahead by looking at your calendar to check for your important assignments and their due dates. Additionally, make a to-do list for all the things you have to do. This step will help you not only be ready for your morning classes, but also will help you be more aware of your priorities for the entirety of the day.

have a postive mindset

Your mindset is valuable, especially when it comes to tackling morning classes. Yes, you can complain that they’re terrible and not pay attention the whole time. It will probably even feel satisfying to complain but it won’t change the fact that you have them. Promise yourself to make the best out of it and adopt a positive attitude (it’ll make your morning so much easier).

By following these steps, you’re one step closer to conquering the slump that comes from having morning classes!

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