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10 Pieces of Advice From a Senior

  1. Be as involved as you can, and try out a diverse range of clubs. It never hurts to show up to a meeting, and see if you’re interested in something. When you find a club that you’re passionate about, stick to it and seek a leadership position. You will learn a lot, meet new people, and it feels great as a senior to be in charge of something you care about.
  2. Start building your relationships as soon as you enter college. They’ll be very helpful as an upperclassman, personally and professionally.

3. Buy a cheese slice at Pugsley’s and put buffalo sauce on it.

4. Call your parents twice as often as you think you need to. They miss you more than you can ever imagine.

5. Honestly, you won’t be getting a lot of sleep during college. But learn to be okay with it, because your GPA and memories with your friends will last forever.

6. Take advantage of your proximity to the city by taking a class at Lincoln Center or having an internship. There’s no place like New York City, and many students around the country would love to have the opportunities you have.

7. Boys suck, but your true friends will always be there for you.

8. Make smart friends, so they share their Google Docs with you during midterms and finals.

9. If you enjoyed doing community service during high school, consider doing a GO! trip. You’ll get to experience a different culture while engaging in community service, and you’ll get to build a meaningful community among other Fordham students.

10. And most importantly, befriend Suits and Simon, so they let you into the bars for free, without a cover charge. 

Nicole came from Southern California to Fordham University to study psychology and marketing. When she's not in class, she's working at her local Applebee's or interning at a fashion PR firm in Manhattan. Nicole loves all things celebrity gossip, reality television, and most of all, food. In the future, Nicole hopes to be working as an editor of a popular woman's magazine or producer for a television show.
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