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10 Inspirational Quotes To Live By Starting Over Spring Break

You’ve finally made it to Spring Break, congrats! But, it’s right around this time that you start to realize you need to polish up your resume and look for a summer job or internship. You’re also thinking about all the projects, presentations, and papers that will pile up as soon as you return from your week-long vacay. Don’t sweat it. Enjoy your break and these 10 inspirational quotes that will keep you motivated to finish off the year strong, starting with an awesome week off!


A simple but cute way to get your break started! Even if you’re not going anywhere tropical, don’t forgot to soak up some sun and spend time outside-you’ll regret it if you don’t.


Take a break from social media and just enjoy what you see! Go visit some old neighbors or catch up on the news; surround yourself with knowledge.


Don’t be afraid to take a chance! Have a roller coaster you’ve been dying to ride but you’ve been too scared? Take a ride. Been eyeing that gorgeous boy next door but haven’t quite figured out how to talk? Just go for it.


Been holding off on something all year? Now’s your time to start. Who say’s New Years is the only time you can start fresh?


Fitness motivation to help you power through! Keep it up ladies, it’s almost summer time.


Don’t forget to actually enjoy your break! The freedom we have now won’t last forever. The same goes for the end of the semester. #SpringWeekend. 


Stay true to yourself and remember what really matters.


Take each failure as a lesson to try again. Push it to the limit.


Spring break is all about relaxing and taking it easy. Don’t forget that!


Live day by day. Don’t stress too much about the future!

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