10 DIY Costume Ideas

Halloween is a fun time and a great excuse to wear a costume (in a socially acceptable context). Here are some costume ideas you can throw together pretty easily! 


1. Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby One More Time”

This is for all you Catholic school girls who have been dying to put back on those gorgeous plaid skirts.


2. Minion

Just a yellow t-shirt, denim, goggles and you’re good.


3. Rosie the Riveter


Who doesn't want to be a symbol of women's empowerment?


4. Tom Cruise in Risky Business


You can easily get what you need for this costume from your best guy friend, brother, random hook-up (#NotJudging).


5. "Where’s Waldo?"

All you need to do is get the striped shirt, beanie, and glasses.


6. Cat

Dress in all black, put on ears, draw on whiskers with eyeliner  and you will look just like those cute kittens outside McGinley.


7. Mean Girls

On Wednesday we wear pink…… or in this case, Saturday.


8. Katy Perry

Go to Walgreens, buy a lot of oversized candy, glue to t-shirt, done. (Blue hair optional)


9. Fordham Freshman

For this costume make sure to wear your ID, key and name-tag around your neck on the lanyard you got the first day of orientation, which goes perfectly with the outfit you picked out after you received your acceptance letter.


10. Lax Bro

So this costume takes real commitment. You need a button-down Vineyard Vines shirt with the collar popped (of course), or a pinnie. Then colored chinos, socks pulled all the way up, Sperrys, and don’t forget the backwards hat.


Feeling inspired? Show us your best costumes for this year's Her Campus Fordham Best Halloween Costume Contest. Tag us and use the caption #HCFUHalloween on Instagram during Halloweekend, and you'll be entered to win our grand prize!