Your Skin Will Thank You After This

In 1967, Mario Badescu created his skin line in his New York apartment, and now almost 50 years later, his brand is flourishing in stores like Ulta and Nordstrom. He has a range of products targeting dry, normal, oily, or combination skin and at affordable prices for a luxury brand. 


Popular items include the Drying Lotion: a spot treatment for pimples. It’s able to dry whiteheads overnight with ingredients like salicylic acid and zinc oxide which help to target skin impurities and pimples while you sleep. A tip when using this lotion: do not shake the bottle. When using it, dip a cotton swab into the bottom part of the bottom and put it directly on the whitehead. You let it dry and then rinse it off in the morning.You can use this product for any part of the body including blemishes on the back, chest and neck. 


Another item, and my personal favorite, the Rose Water. It’s created with herbal extracts, aloe and rose water for a refreshing, hydrating feel. This is a nice hydrating spray for whenever you feel that your skin is too dry or you can use it to set makeup or even on dry hair throughout the day. It’s good for any kind of skin and non-irritating. 


Lastly, the Enzyme Cleansing Gel helps wash away makeup leaving your skin clean and refreshed. It’s a gel cleanser and perfect for all skin types. This cleanser includes fruit enzymes and hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead skin cells that may block pores. 


These are just a few products from an extensive range. Fair warning, you never know how your skin is going to react to certain products so it’s safe to test it first before fully incorporating it into your skin care routine.