Your Girl Guide to Staying Organized This Fall Semester

Class. Work. Meetings. Exams. Appointments. AND somehow you need a way to get a workout in your busy schedule. With the upcoming fall semester commencing, life can get a bit hectic. In the midst of the social media world we live in, there are applications on your phone that are actually beneficial to your overall productivity. Whether you’re the type to jot down your day to day events on your phone or like to put pen to paper and make a to-do lists, this article has got you covered on some applications you can download that will help you manage the mayhem.


1. Eternal Sunshine

This app is for the ultimate girl-boss college student that just needs some inspiration in her life to get her through the day. Getting back into the grind of the semester can be challenging with setting alarms, planning out your day, and of course, managing to find a parking spot so you can make it on time, right? Eternal Sunshine is an app designed to sprinkle some thoughtful and truthful words on your phone to ultimately make you feel motivated and help you realize your potential. Just a little boost is all you really need. 


2. Habit Minder

Sometimes we get so caught up with our jobs, spending time with our families, or going out with friends that we forget to jot down reminders on our phones. Which is totally ok--it happens. But this app will save your life. With Habit Minder, you can set a reminder for certain days and times of the week to drive yourself to exercise, block a time in your day to get some studying done, to call and schedule that doctor’s appointment you’ve been constantly putting off,  and even to get yourself to meal prep your food for the week. I think it is a great way to prompt yourself to be intentional and proactive about what you do with those little breaks you have in your day, while also allowing you to form new and productive habits.


3. AnyList

I’m sure there have been times where you just don’t know what to pack for lunch leading to the compiled amount of receipts in your purse. Are you overspending on food much? Yup, it’s time to do the groceries. Whether you have that 8am or 7pm class and are constantly on the go, Anylist helps you sort out a grocery list by category--meats, produce, breakfast items, you name it. Perhaps, you even need to keep track of school supply items you need or you’re going to the store to purchase a gift for one of your girlfriends. Perhaps, there have been times where you’ve gone to the store and you literally have forgotten what you were there for. Guilty. This app can help you keep track of the items and check them off as you go. Plus, you can even sort them out by store and filter the items that you need. Win-win.


4. Every Dollar 

Hands down the easiest budgeting app I’ve come to use is Every Dollar simply because of how it’s laid out. Like I mentioned, once we form our school routine again, we tend to not keep track of how much we are actually spending compared to how much we are making. This app helps you set goals on how you want to manage your money while keeping track of your current income, your daily expenses, and how much you owe in student loans or rent. Super convenient for the college girl that is trying to maintain that “bang for her buck” mentality.


No matter what your schedule looks like this upcoming fall semester, I encourage you to make use of these apps and incorporate them into your lifestyle. Remember to stay in tune with your inner yourself by planning ahead, staying organized, and taking a breath to remind yourself that you really do have it all under control.