Your Europe Travel Guide 

Sometimes all we want to do is get on a plane and fly to breathtaking places. Many times we want to pack our bags and travel the world. For all my wanderlust people and my travel buddies, here I am showing you my own adventures and inviting you to do the same. These places I have traveled to have opened my eyes and allowed me to see the beauty of the world. From simple coffee shops, huge stadiums, and beautiful gardens, I can tell you my mind will always be forever traveling there. 


When I was 15, I was lucky enough to travel to Europe as my birthday gift. I went on a tour with boys and girls from my country, including my best friends. The trip was unforgettable and I would advice anyone that if they have the means to do it, going on trips like these and visiting the places I had the chance to see will be an unforgettable and completely enjoyable experience.


La Boqueria, Barcelona: Barcelona was by far one of my favorite cities of the whole trip. Not only was the place spectacular but the culture and the whole vibe of the people made me want to live there. One of the coolest places I went was La Boqueria. A small market place where people would sell all kinds of foods and souvenirs. 


Museo de Ciencias, Valencia: If you're interested in going to museums, my favorite one was definitely this one in Valencia, Spain. The structures are super modern and stunning, they make you feel tiny in comparison to the huge structures. The exhibits are also super interactive and completely complement the city.  Venice, Italy: For many, the city of love is Paris; for me it was by far Venice. With the sweet gondola rides and the old look of the city, it was perfect for romance to bloom. 

All these places have a special place in my heart and I hope that all of you readers get a chance to enjoy them as much as I did. 


Also, always check out the local ice cream shops and restaurants, they are the most yummy and cultural places you will ever find, enjoy your travels!