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You Won’t Believe Which Two Halloweentown Stars Are Dating!

Some of our favorite characters that we cherish in our hearts today stemmed from Disney Channel’s Halloween shows and movies lineup. Till this day it’s an essential part in keeping all the hocus pocus alive to tune in every year like a household chore, especially when it comes to Halloweentown. The idea of a normal kid having to keep a secret like the fact that herself, her mom and grandma are all witches was the epitome of our spooktacular crazed fantasies. In the original three films, Kimberly J. Brown gave life to Marnie Piper and guided us through the infamously known place that was “Halloweentown” and it’s eclectic residents.

In Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, Marnie meets Kal, a cute boy who looks seemingly nice on the outside but in the end turns out to be the son of a mortal enemy of the Cromwell family. Long story short Marnie and Kal, who is portrayed by actor Daniel Kountz, battle it out and it’s safe to say that these two do not end up together in the series. But fear not because apparently the ghostly tale didn’t end there. If you were part of the fans who felt really let down after finding out Kal’s true identity, your childhood may have just been restored because Marnie and Kal are actually dating in real life!

Buzzfeed got in touch with Kimberly for the film’s 20th anniversary and when asked about the subject, she explained that the two had kept in touch over the years and even collaborated on a few skits for her YouTube channel. One thing lead to another and a spell-binding love flourished. She stated that they were both fully aware on the fans responses to their relationship and enjoy amusing them considering how the storyline between their characters turned out to be the complete opposite. Can’t get any witchier than that!

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