You Should Watch "The Reality House"

If you like reality television and YouTube stars, then you will love this YouTube series. 

“The Reality House” is hosted by best friends Jc Caylen and Kian Lawley. The internet show is loosely based off the show “Big Brother.” In this case, the 12 internet stars are living in a California mansion in hopes of winning $50,000. The catch? They need to compete in a series of challenges that always end in an elimination round.

(Hosts of "The Reality House" Jc Caylen and Kian Lawley. Credit: Distractify)

Without spoiling too much, previous challenges have included balancing eggs, wearing bugs on your head, and becoming a human claw machine.

This season, the 12 contestants are all different as creators. This cast consists of Manny MUA, Brittany Broski, Harrison Webb, Lena, Ryan Abe, Tabatha Lawley (Kian’s older sister), Yousef Erakat (fouseyTUBE), Imari Stuart, Kenny Knox, Teala Dunn, Taylor Blake, and Andrea Russett.

(Season 2 contestants. Credit: Twitter)

But, with a Kian and JC twist, things change. During episode 3, four contestants of the first season paid the cast a visit. Stars Trisha Paytas, Elijah Daniels, Dominic DeAngelis (known as Dom), and Sarah Baska came back. The four of them competed with 4 contestants who ranked last in that episode to try and take their place. However, out of the four season one contestants, only one was successful- Dom. 

(Season 1 contestants. Credit: YouTube) ​

Each episode brings the contestants closer to the grand prize of $50,000. So far, only a few episodes are out. If you want to catch up, the episodes are uploaded on the KianAndJc YouTube channel. A new episode is released every Monday and Friday.