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Why You Aren’t Getting the Clear Skin You Want

With the start of the new year, many of us probably set some resolutions of new habits you would like to get into. I know a very popular one each year is to commit to a face wash routine to be able to achieve that glowing clear skin we all want; however, by this time you may have already expected results that you have not gotten and do not understand why. Here are some details you may have missed that are essentials when it comes to obtaining that beautiful skin:


  1. If you are not using lukewarm temperature water, you are damaging your face! Using scolding lava or ice cold water can be extremely harmful to your skin. Very hot water can cause bad burns and redness, meanwhile freezing water can cause irritation and broken blood vessels.

  2. Although all the directions on the bottles say it, washing your face twice a day is not a law. If you have combination or dry skin washing your face twice a day can cause extreme peeling. The only real way you will be able to know how many times a day your skin needs to be washed, would be by consulting a dermatologist.

  3. Washing your face without washing your hands first is completely counterproductive. Although it may seem like something logical, it is a detail that is very easily forgotten. If you do not wash your hands before, in reality, you are simply applying all the germs to your face as soon as you touch it.

  4. Using your cleanser to remove your makeup will only cause your pores to get more clogged. Due to many makeup brands being smudge and/or waterproof, normal cleansers will not be effective and vigorously scrubbing to remove the makeup is extremely damaging.

  5. Wiping your face with a shower towel at any and all times is an easy way for bacteria to travel to your face. Even when you are freshly hopped out of the shower, you should never use the same towel for your body as you do for your face. As weird as it may sound, different bacteria live in different parts of your body; therefore, when you are using the same towel to dry to your face you are only giving it a welcoming passageway.


All skin types are different so knowing your skin needs and visiting a dermatologist is an essential step in achieving your new year goal of obtaining that goddess-like skin. Skin is affected by your daily face wash routine, the food you consume, amount of water you drink, exercise you do, and much more; however, there are always small details that are missed which one may not know of so doing your research will be the best way of knowing which right steps to take.

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