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Why Sims 4 Modders Are Actually Saving The Game?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Let’s be honest, with The Sims currently having no clear competition and Paralives is months away from their debut, EA has dropped the ball when it comes to the Sims 4. While Maxis is trying to play catch up with the community demands, the monthly updates still leave the gameplay feeling hollow and empty. Sims 4 modders have taken the game and given players a whole new experience through new content, cheats and shortcuts that enhance the aesthetic and gameplay.

Maxis latest update gave players the ability to assign likes/dislikes and traits to the Sims, the lack of options can cause the Sims to become predictable after a while. The Slice of Life mod created by Kawaiistaciemods has transformed the Sims and given them personalities, social lives, memories and new detailed appearances. The player finally has a way to bring realism, parties and drama to the game. This base and five packs mod keep the game interesting by making the player’s characters less computer-based to more flesh out “real” people.

The two most popular mods amongst The Sims community is MC Command Center created by Deaderpool and Wonderful Whims by TURBODRIVER. MCCC gives the players access to everything in the game. This mod is a control freak’s dream. A player can fine-tune a Sims appearance, lifespan and even change the population spawn rate. Wonderful Whims changed the relationship and dating aspect in the Sims for the better. It added new complexities to dating, relationships and a Sims pregnancy by setting up an attraction system. The mod is meant to mimic dating in real life.

Throughout the Sims series, Maxis has made it a point to significantly reduce the tragedies in The Sims 4. Stuff that used to make the game feel more full and complex has been removed to avoid triggering players. SACRIFICIAL created Life Tragedies to make the game more interesting with a darker twist. This mod gives the players a new way to enhance the game with unexpected drama and plots.

Lastly, Ebonixsims is the newest content creator that has worked with Maxis on their new Spa Day Update. While Maxis is righting their wrongs with the diversity in The Sims 4, Ebonixsims has been creating ethnic custom content for the Black community for the last seven years. She has given Black simmers an opportunity to see themselves in the characters they create through the curly and afro hairs, more ranges of darker skin tones and streetwear clothing.

With there being no end in sight for the Sims 4, it’s good to know these modders are committed for the long run.

I am a journalism student at Florida International University who hopes to work for a major news site in New York or Washington, D.C. I hopes to use my passion for writing to provide a voice for the public.