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Bridget Jones Diary is the Best Movie And Here’s Why

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Throughout the entire movie, Bridget was trying to find a man. While she did have other goals such as losing weight, stop drinking, and smoking cigarettes. She desperately wanted to be in a relationship that was ‘worth it, especially after turning 30.

Bridget internalized the negative comments about her age and marital status and let them consume her every thought. During the dinner with all the married couple, Bridget was the odd man out and a random man kept pointing out that her biological clock is ticking away and claimed women over 30 have something wrong with them.

The thing with Bridget is she desperately desires to be in love and to be married. She wants to be in with the in-crowd with her other married couple and hit that social standard for a woman her age. She was constantly being pushed by her friends and family that she needs to be in a relationship.

During Bridget’s time with Daniel Cleaver, she decided to “better” herself by working out and getting clean from drinking and smoking to be more attractive to him. She was encouraged by her friends that she needs to wear shorter skirts and ‘drop some pounds’ if she wants to keep a man like Daniel. She was so desperate for love that she fell into the whirlwind of attention, affection, and intimacy. That came to an end after Daniel cheated on Bridget with an American from New York, Bridget was crushed and found comfort in Mark, her main love interest.

Bridget ultimately concludes that Daniel was not a good man because he was not willing to put all his eggs in one basket for her. He just wants to continue the same relationship they had to the beginning, a quick fling. She no longer wanted that and ended things for good. Budget later met her goal of love by getting together with Mark Darcy who loves her for her entirely.

Throughout the movie, we hear Bridget’s thoughts, confusion, and resolutions which gives the audience a better understanding of who Bridget is. It presents her as a woman to who anyone can relate too. She is a gray-colored character who doesn’t always do everything right and perfectly. I couldn’t help but root for Bridget the entire movie and appreciate her well-built character development.

I am a journalism student at Florida International University who hopes to work for a major news site in New York or Washington, D.C. I hopes to use my passion for writing to provide a voice for the public.
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