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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Attention ALL beauty lovers!

There’s a brand new, poppin’ spot to shop all your beauty needs!

Located in the Pembroke Lakes Mall, the highly anticipated Riley Rose opened up its doors this past April. After an announcement made by Forever 21 in Aug. 2017, this store quickly earned attraction.

As Linda and Esther Chang, the daughters of Forever 21’s founders, began to open stores in different cities around the U.S., the Pembroke Pines location was on its way to construction. 

They wanted to appeal to a wide audience, but mainly catering to millennials, which is why they chose to go with a very different approach to the way the store was laid out. Every carefully chosen aspect embodies their motto, “Play, Dream, Discover”. Walking into Riley Rose, you’ll see exactly what sets it apart from the others.

The store has a few categories that add to the customer’s experience, making it easy to shop and feel at ease.

The first component offered is makeup; though similar in what essentially is being sold, Riley Rose chose to focus the products being sold coming from indie-labeled brands. These products are what consumers call “as seen online” or “as seen on Instagram”, as all the brands found in the store are only available for purchase from their official website. Brands that are featured in the store range from Lime Crime, Beauty Bakery, Sugar Pill, BH Cosmetics, etc. A full list of brands can be found on the store website! Customers are welcome to test out any product to learn its use and see if it’s worth buying.

Right in the center of the store, there’s a giant beauty bar complete with ring light mirrors and a handy sink where clients can pamper themselves.

The second component of the store is skin care, where 95% of the products are all Korean brands! With brands found only online, ranging from Klairs, Cos RX, Beyond, Goodal, but also including other brands like Sand and Sky, and Caudalie, the store tailors to every customer’s skincare needs. Beauty advisors are always there to help, and are trained with knowledge on every brand so they can better assist anyone with specific needs.

The third component is haircare, clients have access to anything ranging from shampoos, treatments, and masks, to hot tools for styling and even hair dyes ready for any situation! 

The final section is miscellaneous. Clients can find products like soaps, all cruelty-free, candles, beauty tools, home décor, and more. 

Weekends at Riley Rose are also much different as they have vendors that are able to come in and clients can get their shopping on while also enjoying a popsicle, cotton candy, or hand-made juices! 


Xoxo, Nicole 

Nicole is currently a senior at Florida International University studying English. She wants to become a full-time writer for a journalistic blog or company in the future, and hopes to publish a few novels along the way. Her truest of loves include Disney, Anime, music, her dogs, writing, and Harry Potter. She is a lover of makeup, and telling people's stories from their eyes and her experiences. She is currently a Beauty Advisor at Riley Rose part-time, and hopes to continue working alongside them in the future. You can follow her journey on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/nicoli0o/ and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/nicoli0o_